Johnson's House of Flowers celebrating their 75th annual open house
One of the oldest businesses on North Avenue, was celebrating the start of the holiday season on Sunday.
Johnson's House of Flowers was hosting an open house to kick off the holiday cheer by showcasing their long time family tradition of fresh flowers, seasonal wreaths and the all favorite Christmas flower, poinsettias. Staff and generational owners say this open house brings back childhood memories from years past, where between 1,200 to 1,500 people would flood into their greenhouses to see the Christmas décor and flowers.
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Flowers: Both sides half right on refugees
I rarely write about immigration, partly because I spend enough time practicing immigration law, and partly because my conservative friends raise their eyebrows whenever I champion any form of legalization.
I believe conservatives are wrong on immigration reform, right on everything else, and if I could nudge them into line when it comes to the aliens, we could rule the world. Unfortunately, no one knows what to do with a conservative who believes that fixing our system is a good thing.
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Kenya: Aging Gracefully With Flowers Amid Roses, Worms and Dew
About 50km from Meru town in Timau on the slopes of Mt Kenya, there is a flower farm where roses are blooming inside greenhouses, waiting to end up in Europe.
The 50-hectare farm named Sunland Roses is owned by Major (Rtd) Silas Mwiti and hosts 80 greenhouses, where over 50 varieties of the flowers flourish.
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San Francisco’s Homegrown Flower Service
IN 2010, when Farmgirl Flowers founder Christina Stembel was working as director of alumni relations and campaign outreach at Stanford Law School, she would pay $140 to send a bouquet of flowers to her mom back home in Indiana. When her mom sent her a photo of the arrangement, “it looked like I spent $9.99 at Safeway,” Stembel says. A natural problem solver, she began to wonder: “Can’t we figure out a solution that offers designer quality at a reasonable price with a better experience?”
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Review: Spain's Official Oscar Entry 'Flowers' Directed By Jon GarañoAnd Jose Mari Goenaga
Flowers fill an interesting space in life. They are offerings of romance, well-wishes for the sick, tokens of loss for the departed. But more than anything, they are gifts, given, no matter the circumstance, to express thought and care and love. Even those pinned to highway signs and stacked beside crosses planted in remembrance along busy roads. There, like at a cemetery, they are a message, a reminder that those departed have not been forgotten. It is from this complex array of meaning that Spain’s Basque-language “Loreak” (which has been translated to “Flowers” for it’s English title) builds from. A quiet, elegant study of those at their most stagnant, Jon Garaño and Jose Mari Goenaga’s second feature is an exploration of grief, who owns it, who has a right to it, and how to handle it.
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